Seeking Alcoholism Help


Research conducted in 2011 to determine the causes of addiction revealed that many Americans believe that taking alcohol is a good way of dealing with stress and depression. Other causes were peer pressure and genetics. When asked, school-going adolescents named the advertising of alcohol substances on television as one of the factors that caused them to join the world of alcoholism.

There are numerous unpleasant consequences of using alcohol that millions of alcoholics in America have to live with. The WHO has even named alcohol as one of the most addictive substances in the world. Some of the effects are numerous diseases, increased car accidents, higher rates of crime, broken families, shattered education and dreams and, at its worst, death.

Yet, despite these negative impacts of alcoholism, there is a group of alcoholics who still do not have the courage to take action and get treated for their alcoholic conditions. When this happens, family members and friends of the victim are just forced to watch from a distance as the person suffers from alcoholism.

Seeking Alcoholism Help

When the concerned family members decide that enough is enough, they begin to look for a way of compelling their loved one to look into alcoholism rehab centers. This action is called intervention. Sending loved ones to alcoholism rehab centers through an intervention is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of courage and strength to do. This is because some of the alcoholics may feel like the fact that their family members are forcing them to get help is an intrusion into their private lives.

They may ask things like ‘Why does it bother you?’, ‘This is my life, so leave me alone’ or ‘stop disturbing me’. When not done properly, interventions may cause some divisions in the family and make the situation even worse. When sending loved ones to alcoholism rehab centers, it is best to first seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced interventionist.

The interventionist will organize the family and help in the planning of the intervention. Now, in an alcohol addiction intervention, the family will tell the alcoholic how they feel they are being hurt or affected by the alcoholic habit. Whatever is said must be factual and be said by the people that are considered to be closest to the alcoholic’s heart, for example his or her spouse and children.

Remember that though interventions are intended to finally make the alcoholic accept treatment, the person should not in any way feel pushed towards making a decision. After saying what they have to say, the family members must then let their loved ones say whether what they have been told has in any way caused them to want to seek alcoholism treatment or not. The final decision must be made by the person themselves.

Another factor to bear in mind before sending loved ones to alcoholism rehab centers is the quality of treatment and its cost. Family members should see to it that they get the best possible treatment for their loved one, but at a cost they can afford. It should also be a rehab center that allows the family members to provide the necessary support needed until recovery is reached.

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