When Is Alcoholism Help Needed?


Alcohol addiction is a very serious problem which has affected billions of people for time immemorial. It affects people from all over the world. An alcohol addiction defines a condition in which people slowly become overly reliant on alcohol and abuse it to an extent that it poses a danger for them and their close friends and families.

In the United States, alcoholism is an ever-growing problem. This could be attributed to the fact that most liquor companies do a lot of promotions for their products and the fact that they are also easily available.

When are alcoholism rehab centers needed? What do they do? Do they actually help alcoholics learn to live soberly? There are so many questions that are frequently asked about these clinics. They are very important, but many times alcoholics take too long before seeking help. Normally when a person becomes addicted to alcohol, there are numerous signs that come up.

These symptoms can be physical, spiritual, or psychological. Families of alcoholics should look out for these symptoms and ensure that their loved one gets help before it is too late and they have to watch him or her suffer in pain.

When Is Alcoholism Help Needed?

One common symptom of an alcohol addiction is poor financial management. This becomes evident in situations where a person, sometimes the family breadwinner, spends too much time buying drinks for him or herself and his or her friends while failing to honor his or her responsibilities as a husband and father. This means that most of the money is wasted in feeding the addiction instead of raising the family. When this happens, it is best to seek immediate treatment.

Another very common effect of alcoholism is the breaking down of families. Over time the use of alcohol breaks down an individual’s self-esteem. This means that the person begins to feel guilty and ashamed in some instances and begins to distance him or herself from the rest of this family.

These isolations can last for months or years and can only be stopped through treatment. Families also become broken when an alcoholic begins to pose danger to the rest of the family who then might be forced to escape from the home to live elsewhere. It is usually at this point that some realize how deep their problem is and go for treatment.

Physical scruffiness is also another common sign of excessive addiction. Once addiction to alcohol becomes the order of the day, a person begins to look unreasonably dirty and shabby, often with long, disheveled hair. The alcoholic forgets to groom him or herself. The eyes also become reddish and sleepy-looking most of the time. At its very worst, alcoholic addiction causes ‘shakes,’ where an addict’s body begins to shake uncontrollably.

All these signs must be looked out for very carefully. It is not a must for an addict to portray all the above; two or three of these signs are enough proof that there is an addiction and that the particular person should be urged to get to the nearest alcoholism rehab center to get treated.

Treatment must be done as soon as the alcoholism is identified. If it is not done timely, the addict will have been left to suffer unduly. Treatment at alcoholism rehab centers may be expensive, but an untreated case of alcoholism will definitely be more costly in the long run.

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